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Verbs - 4 (क्रियाएं - 4) - Linking Verb : 'be' with its forms - Basic English (Improved) - Video 29

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इस वीडियो में सर्वाधिक उपयोग में आने वाली क्रिया Linking Verb : BE और खासतौर पर उसके वर्तमान काल के रूप (is, am, are) और भूतकाल के रूप (was, were) समझाए गए हैं । यह भी सिखाया गया है कि BE को Linking Verb (जोड़ने वाली) क्रिया क्यों कहते हैं और यह कैसे काम करती है |

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  • In this video a highly used LINKING VERB : BE along with its Present tense forms (is ,am, are) and Past tense forms (was, were) have particularly been explained. It has also been taught as to why BE is called a Linking Verb and how it works.

there is arr in match the pairs exercise
1 Reply, Posted by : murlidhar (04 October 2015 12:14:32 am) Click Here to Reply
Thank you for your inputs. This will be rectified.
Posted by : Vistar Sharma (04 October 2015 01:23:54 am)