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Verbs - 1 (क्रियाएं - 1) - Introduction (परिचय) - Basic English (Improved) - Video 26

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यह वीडियो पार्ट ऑफ स्पीच में सबसे महत्वपूर्ण वर्ब (क्रिया) पर प्रकाश डालता है । इस परिचयात्मक वीडियो में क्रिया को परिभाषित करते हुए दर्शकों को क्रिया के वाक्य में तुलनात्मक महत्व के विषय में जागरूक किया गया है |

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  • This video throws light on the most significant part of speech: VERB. In this introductory video VERB has been defined and viewers are made aware about its relative importance in a sentence.

Thank you. Sir please check the answer of question no. 7 of test no.1 & test no. 2 is total confusing.
1 Reply, Posted by : Rahul Mali (22 December 2016 06:10:51 pm) Click Here to Reply
Rahulji, aapkaa lakh lakh dhanyvaad ki aapne ek human error ki aur hamaaraa dhyaan kheencha. hum zaroori kadam uthaa rahen hain.
Posted by : Aao Seekho (23 December 2016 12:20:08 am)